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So, here's a little something I've put together to give my anime recommendations if you're new to anime or if you're just stuck on what to watch - although most avid fans will probably have seen the anime I suggest or have certainly heard of them at the very least. Just click your chosen options and you'll eventually end up at one of over 100 end points. Hope you enjoy! (See notes below)

I wouldn't call this a comprehensive recommendations quiz by any means for that you'd be better off looking at this brilliant anime recommendations flowchart, which is what helped me get into anime and what kind of inspired me to make this. ​​ 



I mostly put this together for fun and it's not to be taken too seriously so if my choices don't quite align with your tastes or you're annoyed that your favourite anime isn't featured then try not to be too butt-hurt about it - it's just my opinion based on what I've seen and what I've enjoyed.

For newcomers to anime, there might be a few terms you're not familiar with so I've put together a mini glossary on anime terms that are handy to know anyway if you're going to get invested in anime.



All the endings lead to the anime's MAL page so you can find out more about it.

I've seen all of the anime featured so if you want to ask any questions about them etc. then feel free.


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