I've been a casual fan of Pokemon for a long time. Mainly because I was fairly obsessed with Pokemon cards and the original series as a kid so it's high on the nostalgia list for me. So I thought it would be fun to write a list of my top ten favourite Pokemon. I used the following site to work it out: https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html

Honourable mentions: Litten, Toxel, Shedinja, Arbok, Goodra

10. Rotom

This is the first of many ghost type on this list. Rotom is cute I reckon and I like the idea of this ghost possessing all these different electric items. The colour combination is great as well. Pale blue and red go so well together.

9. Venomoth

Don't ask me why but I've always loved Venomoth, I dunno - I think it's kinda weird, cute and mildly creepy looking. Aesthetics aren't always logical and this is probably a good example of this.

8. Phantump

Another ghost, but look how cute Phantump is. It's a great design and really has that haunted woods feel. It's a great shiny and overall very charming in it's spooky character.

7. Palossand

Oh, yet another ghost. Palossand is such a well-designed pokemon. I love the idea that all the abandoned sandcastles end up ghosts. Plus, it's probably the best looking yet most appropriate shiny in the game.

6. Vileplume

This is the nostalgic pick. It was my first shiny Pokemon card and I loved it. I just think it's cute. I dunno, explaining why you like something for nostalgic reasons is hard. I just do.

5. Tapu Bulu

My favourite Tapu by a country mile. I think the design and colour combination are really great. I also think it's the perfect amount of reference in it's design to the bull but still has a very original quality. Looks great, great shiny too.

4. Dragapult

Probably my favourite Galar pokemon, and yes - it's another ghost. I love this design. There's so much character in the expression and it just looks so stylish. The faded tail, the two mini ones, the sleek, ergonomic head. I just love it.

3. Gengar

Ugh. Classic and iconic. Such a simple yet effective design. It just looks so good. Those red eyes that cheeky grin. It's fun and spooky at it's best. Also, that shiny Mega - damn. And yes - another ghost.

2. Vaporean

My favourite eeveelution and that's saying something because I think a lot of the eevee evolutions are stellar designs. I think the way that it keeps the eevee-ness and yet makes it so perfectly aquatic in the tail and neck. Plus, the fact it can go invisible in the water is cool.

1. Marshadow

Cool and spooky. Stylish and mysterious. Dark and fierce. I love marshadow. I think it looks the best out of any pokemon. It's a ghost. My favourite type - surprise, surprise. The whole mythical shadow of the warriors idea is so cool as well. Great pokemon.

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