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Okay, this is cute. Get into it.

By the time you've got to this "movie" you've already seen both seasons and the first movie if you've done things right so you know what you're in for. This short anime basically runs through all the couples and shows them on Valentine's Day and how each of the them deals with the "dilemma" of giving chocolates to their romantic interest. What I liked most about this is that it was theme-focused rather than couple-focused. Most episodes of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi are specifically centred around one of the couples but this shows all of them.

The short scenes are cute and wholesome. The characters act pretty much exactly how you'd expect them to act but in a way that seems adorably fitting rather than predictable. I particularly like Ritsu's story because I think that was pretty creative as well as Chiaki's story because it made me laugh. I might just be sold on the whole Sekaiichi universe but I found it pretty charming. It's not groundbreaking or amazing but it's achieving exactly what it's setting out to achieve and that's be a short, fun, cute valentine-themed shounen-ai anime.

The other thing I liked about this is that it showed the couples all being pretty happy and content with each other. It had less angst and moodiness than the main show so it was a cute change.

Let's be honest, as far as animation goes, you know what you're getting into at this point with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - it's not great is it. In fact, I'd say calling it fine is generous. The chins are a bit pointy and there's something off about the uke's eyes. But whatever, no-one is watching this show for the animation style.

Overall, I found this to be charming but frivolous. Just a fun little bonus movie with some cute scenes. Perfectly watchable if you're into the series.

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