Paper drag is a niche little hobby I had for a while that I have since abandoned but may still come back to. If you don't know then paper drag is basically creating a drawn drag character that you "dress up" in looks on paper. It's nice to be able to imagine drag outfits without having to actually do it for real. Plus, the pencil can do more than fabric...if you're good enough.

So, my paper drag queen is Veronica Fake and she's vintage and vampy. I've taken part in a couple of competitions and even won one but honestly, I'm nowhere near the level of artistry of some of the other paper queens out there so I definitely recommend to look a few of them up. Here are some of my looks I've done. 


So the term "ball" comes from the 80s Ballroom scene where queer people, often in drag, would compete in different categories. This is something that is often repeated on drag race and subsequently in the paper drag community. There is a prominent paper drag competition called Ms. Paint's Art Race that I competed on in Season Two that announced that there would be a final farewell ball and invited alumni and playalongs to showcase their work for the last time on their platform in the following categories:

The Wake Red Carpet: a free theme for which I chose to do funeral attire

Redo Runway: design a look based on a challenge from one of the seasons of MPAR

Death Becomes Her: a look based on how your character would die.  


A collection is a set of looks based around an inspiration or theme kinda like a fashion show or similar. This is my most recent collection "Doom" that is based on the villains of the Doom Patrol so it's a niche and nerdy theme based on a comic book series I love where the villains are almost always the best characters. 


So rather than show you everything I've drawn, I'm just going to post some of my favourite ones because a lot of my older stuff makes me cringe. Although, if you wanted to see where it kinda started out, then you can see my first competition I did.  I was really proud to get cast on that season because MPAR was a big deal at the time and only 12 got picked. I actually even still like the look I got eliminated for. Below are some of my favourite looks - just hover over the picture for the theme and click for a better look. 


So, I haven't done a lot of fanart - mainly because my style is pretty particular so it's tricky to make it fit someone's else's look. If I were a better artist, I'd find doing fanart a lot easier because it's much trickier to do I think when you're tied in to replicating someone's look. But here's a few I have done. Hoping to do more, watch this space :) 


DTIYS stands for "Draw This In Your Style" and it's basically a challenge where someone creates a prompt for other artists and in turn they recreate the prompt in their own personal art style. I like seeing what other people do with the prompt and how the same drawing looks in all the different styles. Here are a couple I've done, with the original prompt on the right.