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I love classic cinema i.e. films that were released under the Hays Code (1934-1968). I know that sounds like such a hipster thing to say but I mean it genuinely. My theory is that if it's managed to stand the test of time then there's a reason for it. Plus, there's a certain comfort in watching something that fell under the Hay's Code. I particularly like Hitchcock (who doesn't?), I've seen all his films except the silent ones. I also really like Tarantino, black comedies, mockumentaries and musicals. Here are my favourite films: 


I love a project but this one has it's ups and downs, believe me. The aim is to watch every single Best Picture winner at the Oscar's Academy Awards from 1927 (yes, I'm including Sunrise) to present day. Sounds easy, perhaps? But let me tell you, some of these films are a SLOG - though not always the ones you'd expect. I've had some wonderful surprises and some bitter disappointments. Each film is rated out of 10 and there's a short review tagline - just hover over the picture. 


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