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I really don't need to sell this movie. If you've seen it, you'll love it. You know it's exceptional. What's more, it has great re-watch value because each time, I see it, I see something different. Bette Davis is just fantastic, Obviously. She has some brilliant dialogue and her delivery is even better. Anne Baxter really does well at giving a performance within a performance. Overall, it's a classic and has rightfully stood the test of time and should be cherished.



Another classic. It is THE romance film. This is one of those tragic romances where you really feel just how torn the characters are in their forbidden love. It's VERY British. I love how the story is told with the flashback style. You don't realise the poignancy of the ruined meeting in the cafe until the end. The same part of you that wants Ingrid Bergman to stay in Casablanca wants them to run away together but morality and the 1945 propaganda of standing by your man wins out. 



It was panned by critics, but I just LOVE this film. It's an overlooked gem and should be cherished. Cary Grant is endlessly charismatic and his chemistry with Leslie Carron is wonderful It's very funny. The film juggles several plots, like the war-plot, the romance plot, the 'children' plot(s) whilst showcasing a lot of characters who all manage to have fun, endearing and individual personalities. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware this film is fluff and very silly but it's kinda great and I love it.

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Perhaps controversially, I much preferred this to "Philadelphia Story". It was much easier to follow, the characters seemed more defined and even though I LOVE Katherine Hepburn, I think Grace Kelly was better suited to the role of Tracy. She really exudes that 'high society' demeanour. Some of the songs are excellent but it's not one of those musicals that really hinges on the songs. It's a little shiny, and still feels like a stage play but it's charming.

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One of the better Ghibli films, this is always an absolutely charming watch. It's a quiet tale of a young witch settling in a new city and the animation is beautiful to look at. Kiki learns a lot and grows over the short space of the film. Gigi is entertaining and provides great comic relief. There's enough of a foil to provide enough drama and I think Kiki's relationship with Tonto is adorable. If I had one complaint, the ending is a little abrupt but it doesn't take away from how enjoyable this film is overall.


I'm not a big fan of being scared but honestly, this is one of the best ghost stories I've ever seen. The first time you see it, it's unforgettable. The score is fantastic and there's such an brilliant build up of macabre and eerieness. Nicole Kidman's performance carries the whole film - it's all in her eyes and her reactions. It's just great writing and story-telling. It's a delight to watch and one I'd highly recommend. It really does give you goosebumps. 

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Is this the perfect comedy? Yes probably. It really is a masterpiece and it's one that has almost endless replay value. It has to keep a lot of plates spinning but manages to do so in such a tightly edited film. There's not really a bad scene and it is paced brilliantly. Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis play off each other perfectly. Marilyn Monroe is at her most iconic and quotable. It also has one of the best ending lines of any film: "Nobody's perfect" but maybe this film is?



Barbara Stanwyck is a GODDESS. She elevates this sappy melodrama into something special and plays against her 'femme fatale' type. Despite all the flaws of Stella, I felt unshakeable sympathy for her and I found the film captivating but bitterly sad. I found her daughter Laurel to be a little insipid and rather saccharin, but it's a good plot device for the film. It's a must-watch but it's a reluctant re-watch as it's very sad. It's a real tear-jerker.

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Oh god. This is a hot mess. I am a huge Hitchcock fan but holy sh*t, this is one of the most tedious and dull movies I have ever seen. I am trying to watch every Hitchcock, so I stuck with it but only out of necessity. I checked the movie run-time almost every five minutes - it was torture. When it was over, I felt free, relieved and happy.  But part of me feels like I'm still watching it. The scenes are so drawn out, the characters are so miserable and unlikable. What a painful experience.

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VERTIGO (1958)

This film is hyped beyond belief and yet somehow completely deserves every ounce of the praise. When I first saw this film, I was absolutely floored. Gobsmacked by the plot and I just fell in love with the way it was filmed. It has such a wonderful sense of foreboding and suspense that could have only been done by Hitchcock. The performances of James Stewart and Kim Novak are brilliant. When I say I was on the edge of my seat, I mean it very literally. ​One of my favourite films of all time.

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