Just to be clear, when picking an anime of the season, note that it must have begun airing that season therefore it cannot be a sequel, a continuing TV series or a movie but it can be an OVA, an ONA or a Special. In order to be selected for Anime of the Season, a show must score a minimum of 6/10 otherwise the space will be left blank. Sequels, however, are allowed for Movie of the Year. Best boy must come from an anime that started airing that year. Anime of the Year must be chosen from an anime that began airing that year; this does not include movies.

The Golden Raspberry is awarded to the worst anime I saw that year. All types of anime are eligible. Nothing that scores above a 4/10 can be awarded the Golden Raspberry. Blank spaces are where there is nothing that suitably fits the category or season

This is just for fun. If you don't like my choices, try not to be too butthurt about - it's just my opinion after all.